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Making The Outdoors Even More Fun

When I started hanging out with a few of my old friends from high school, I discovered that they were into extreme sports. They loved motorbiking, skydiving, and rock climbing--all of which scared me to death. Because I was nervous about getting hurt or seriously injured, I decided to act as a spectator the first few times. I realized that they had very particular safety precautions in place, and that they were having the time of their lives. I started joining in, and it made the great outdoors even more enjoyable and exciting. Read more about extreme sports on this blog.

Are You Planning A Gift For Your Sport Loving Husband?

When you married your husband, did you already know that he was a bit addicted to sports? Perhaps he stays glued to the television during the Olympics, and maybe he is always wanting to try new sports. Maybe he has a bit of a dare-devil personality that often scares you as you consider the things he will try. If you are planning to give your husband a present, say a birthday gift, an anniversary present, or maybe a Christmas gift, from giving him the opportunity to learn how to skydive to planning a trip together, here are some ideas that might help you.

Plan A Couple's Trip - As your husband's main present, think of giving him time spent with you away from home. Whether it's a weekend holiday or whether it's a dream-come-true trip to Hawaii, he will more than likely truly appreciate that you have planned a vacation that will take him away from things like stress that business matters often bring. Before you make any reservations, make sure that his calendar will be cleared. If you have kids, be sure that your sitter will be available during the time you'll be away. This might be the perfect time for your kids to visit Grandma and Grandpa. Of course, how much money you want to spend and how much time you think he can spend on a vacation will be part of the determining factor of where you'll be going and of what you'll be doing when you arrive at our destination. 

Plan An Adventure - Since your husband loves extreme sports, consider giving him the gift of learning how to skydive. Has he already mentioned to you that he would love to learn to skydive, even if he has to do it by himself? Before you plan your destination, make sure that there is a business that teaches individuals to learn how to skydive solo. Your husband will be taught things like the accelerated free fall and other skills that he will need to know to make his skydiving adventure a fun one. He will be taught every single thing he needs to know to make his experience a safe one. Have you thought of joining him on a skydive adventure? Think of how much fun it would be for him to know that his sweetheart will be learning how to skydive, too. Then you can plan more skydiving experiences for the future.