Making The Outdoors Even More FunMaking The Outdoors Even More Fun

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Making The Outdoors Even More Fun

When I started hanging out with a few of my old friends from high school, I discovered that they were into extreme sports. They loved motorbiking, skydiving, and rock climbing--all of which scared me to death. Because I was nervous about getting hurt or seriously injured, I decided to act as a spectator the first few times. I realized that they had very particular safety precautions in place, and that they were having the time of their lives. I started joining in, and it made the great outdoors even more enjoyable and exciting. Read more about extreme sports on this blog.

Seven Safety Mistakes That Could Cause Injury During Inflatable Use

Inflatables are a lot of fun for energetic young acrobats, but they can also be dangerous if care is not taken when they're being used.  It's important to be aware of all of the danger risks before you offer an inflatable to young children for amusement and exercise. The following are few precautions you should take to avoid the dangers: Properly anchor the inflatable Inflatables need to be firmly anchored to prevent them from rising up off the ground. Read More 

Four Karate Myths That Beginners Might Fall For

Most people are basically familiar with what karate is (a martial art), but there's so, so much that people don't understand - even people who are signing for classes! If you're interested in learning the art of karate at a dojo like H S Lee's Karate School, here are a few myths you should know beforehand. Karate involves breaking a lot of bricks or boards If you hear someone say they're a student of karate, you might be tempted to ask how many boards they've broken. Read More 

4 Ways To Make Your Next Skateboard Purchase More Sustainable

Using your skateboard to get around not only looks cool, gets you from Point A to Point B, and gives you a rush of adrenaline, but also cuts down on your carbon emissions. In fact, skateboarding is taking off as one of themore popular ways to avoid driving among commuters in order to help out the planet. If you're looking to decrease your impact on the environment by skating even further, then looking at sustainable rides is the next logical step. Read More